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Dynamic Medical Center Reviews

Submitted by Omar Ali on 03/17/2023

Dr. Powell and staff are amazing and caring people.

Overall Rating

I've suffered from many injuries, from sports to automobile accidents. I could not take the pain any longer.

I went to various hospitals for pain relief and even looked for specialists. All of them recommended surgery.

I've heard and even done my own research on surgeries like this and I was convinced that wasn't an option.

One day, after yet another hospital visit, I decided to visit Dr. Powell and he immediately impressed me by his caring and honest approach to my situation. He spoke about his process and gave me a lot of details about my situation and how he’d help without surgery. I was initially skeptical since I've had dozens of sessions with various doctors and specialists.

Today, I am very happy that I met Dr. Powell because my pain went from a 9 out of 10 to only 1. A doctor’s honesty, integrity, and genuine care are to be cherished.

I highly recommend Dr. Powell to anyone seeking relief from pain and a healthy lifestyle.

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